The Fantastic Universe Of Anjie Zealand,
Act 4: What Is This?

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AUTHOR: Anastasia Valentine
GENRE: fiction/action-adventure
ITEM ID: BOK2019-02-0001
CONTENT WARNING: contains some strong language & homicide attempt.

This chapter can be read in its entirety on the Project Zeitgeist blog.

Every day is another reminder to Anjie that her family is as imperfect as she is, but she is determined to make something of her strange life no matter who doesn't believe in her. A bizarre dream turns into a nightmare when some of her own personalities turn against her, but the familiar face of a person she has never met swoops in to save the day and ensures Anjie gets back to reality safely. Even in the real world, Anjie has to deal with bullies who want to tear her down, but she is pleasantly surprised when one of her most unruly personalities comes to her defense instead of making things worse.

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