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ABOUT THE PEARLIAN ACADEMY: The Spiritual Foundation of Celestial Pearl

While I consider Celestial Pearl Productions to be a primarily secular enterprise, it is backed by some peculiar contemporary religious beliefs. Some of them are outlined in the Sublime Tenets, but the grand majority of Pearlian beliefs have yet to even be defined for the public. There are several good reasons for Celestial Pearl to have a spiritual foundation to its secular enterprise.

First, there is a recognized need and strong desire for more positive and uplifting content in the world. Celestial Pearl can do this by replacing erroneous assumptions, negative feelings, and toxic god concepts with messages of freedom, joy, and loving empowerment. Celestial Pearl intends to accomplish this via the two powerful industries of entertainment & education, via the liberal, fine, and applied arts.

Second, the physical world within which we all live is naturally composed of nonphysical Energy - a pure, joyful, spiritual electricity that flows like a river to everything and everyone we know. Celestial Pearl utilizes this remarkable Energy directly in order to create wonderful experiences meant to be enjoyed by anyone & everyone.

Third, Celestial Pearl’s mission is to produce lasting value - things that will continue to provide high-quality experiences for people long after its founder has passed from this world. Every product, service, and message should be carefully & durably crafted with well-being in mind for all. Celestial Pearl Productions is the business which will fund the Celestial Pearl Charity Haus, a nonprofit organization supported by the company’s Regent. This is The Valentine’s gift to the world & to future generations.

Perhaps the greatest reason for Celestial Pearl’s spiritual foundation is due to the very nature of its founder The Valentine herself, as they are all based upon her original beliefs. She was inspired throughout her lifetime by the Spirits within her to reveal her truth to the world and embrace unconditional love.

Celestial Pearl’s Academy of Enlightenment has been tasked with the definition and dissemination of Pearlian beliefs, as well as the exploration & documentation of Truth. This sector is responsible for Pearlian scholarly research, academic discussion, educational publishing & archiving. No subjects are considered taboo here! Every subject is of great interest to the Pearlian Academy because everything that exists is connected to Spirit. All things are significant, and therefore considered worthy of celebratory respect.