Ursuline Tales 01: Invasion

PRICE: $0.99 USD
AUTHOR: Anastasia Valentine
GENRE: fantasy fiction/action-adventure
ITEM ID: BOK2018-01-0004
CONTENT WARNING: contains warfare.

A massive comet hits prehistoric Earth just when human civilization began to thrive, bringing with it an army of savage warriors from the red planet Mars. Their leader, the powerful sorceress Ursula Magna Victoria, draws her immortality and her directives from the evil Marsian war God, The Black Beast. There is only one man on Earth, Alexzander Infinitus, with the unlikely capability to ward off the sorceress, but something unexpected happens to them when they meet: against all odds and beyond all logic, Alexzander and Ursula fall in love at first sight, a secret they keep to themselves. Humanity is saved to live another day, but the unexpected Marsian threat remains in the shadows...

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