Web Design + Development


Take a moment, if you haven’t already, to examine the design of this website. It is meant to be a work of art, drawing the observer into a world of interactive beauty. Would you like a fine art website too? The Valentine can create a beautiful website from scratch for you- painting, graphics, coding, style & all, using little more than Photoshop, HTML 5 and CSS. If your website must be more dynamic or flexible, extra charges may apply depending upon your needs so that I can hire extra help.

All projects and sales are scheduled with the Valentine by appointment only. The Valentine is not obligated to maintain your website once it is created for you, as I can only afford to webmaster a minimal number of websites. Please Contact for details and check back often for special offers.

DESIGN: $500 (layout, images created from scratch)
DEVELOPMENT: $500 (HTML and CSS, browser testing)
EXTRA DEVELOPMENT: $100+ depending on what is needed
WITH CMS: $100+ depending on what is needed

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