Digital Painting At Celestial Pearl

Standard Certificates of Uniqueness are currently utilized at Celestial Pearl Productions for digital artwork only, to ensure the difference between a reproduction and an original digital painting.

All digital paintings created by Celestial Pearl come in the form of an "original" painting, which is signed with both a thumbprint & a signature by the artist, and is the only one of its kind in existence. Whenever a new digital painting is created, Celestial Pearl produces exactly one hand-signed physical original using the highest-quality printing techniques and materials available, and then securely deletes the painting from their computers forever. This is done to ensure the original digital painting remains numerically unique and one-of-a-kind.

If prints are made, they are considered reproductions and are numbered rather than signed. In the case of closed-edition prints, only a certain number N of prints will be printed for sale, and then the painting is securely deleted.

In the case of open-edition prints, or if Celestial Pearl retains reproduction rights to the image, the digital painting file is preserved rather than deleted.

Click on a Pearlian S.C.U. below to examine the form in detail; this is what can be expected in any purchase of a Pearlian digital work of art.

SCU for Originals

SCU for Series