Looking for a photographer to capture the magic of your precious moments? Hire the Valentine! Since 2006 Celestial Pearl has specialized in both studio and event photography, aiming to visually capture the essence & personality of whatever my camera’s focus. Whether the subject is a high school student seeking fabulous senior photos, a newlywed couple in need of wedding portraiture, a marketable product ready to meet the world, or a place of inexplicable natural beauty… I am ready to bring out the best in everyone and everything that meets my camera’s gaze.

My expertise includes:

~ Glamour & Fashion photography
~ Product photography
~ Portraiture
~ Documentary photography; photojournalism
~ Action/Event photography
~ Nighttime photography
~ Still Life photography
~ Both Color and Black&White photography
~ Photomanipulation & editing

All sessions and sales are scheduled with the Valentine by appointment only. Please Contact for details and check back often for special offers. text footer aquarius symbol