Celestial Pearl Manifesto

I created Celestial Pearl Productions because I want to do exceptional things with my life, and here I am.

What began as an idea years ago has evolved now into three websites, one databaseless self-made blog, several online storefronts, a multitude of digital social media accounts, and not just one but two fully-functioning, symbiotic self-contained alter egos. This battle station is now fully operational and ready to kick some ass! Let’s see what’s on the Pearlian dock for the next couple of decades:

As a business, Celestial Pearl can generate money creating almost anything while providing jobs & career opportunities for many people. I want Celestial Pearl to be as wonderful an experience for its employees as it is for its customers, because that is what I believe makes a high-quality business withstand the tests of time. Providing great value while striving to better the world is what will enable Celestial Pearl to one day thrive as a household name around the globe.

As a charity, Celestial Pearl can gather & offer up resources to help bring meaningful relief to communities and children in need or want of them. As the business takes off and the income rolls in, Celestial Pearl intends to funnel money into established projects and institutions that are already working hard to help improve this world we all live within. This is how the company intends to spend a significant chunk of its profits in an effort to seek solutions for the world’s most serious problems, so that we may all further benefit from the gift of Life.

As a church, Celestial Pearl can provide people with a beautiful oasis of clarity, love and hope in an otherwise very chaotic and disturbing material world. By establishing accurate knowledge & making it accessible to everyone, the Pearlian faith strives to provide even the strangest soul with a safe space for its inevitable joyous expansion.

And one day, as a fully-formed powerhouse, Celestial Pearl will be able to influence whole industries with a debonair grace unlike anything the world has yet to see.

There are many things I want to achieve with Celestial Pearl Productions, and right now I am only just beginning this incredible journey. There is plenty of room for you in this cosmic hayride I’m on, so please consider joining me in my quest to enter Heaven alive & build a home there.

Blessed Be,
updated November 2018
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