Warm welcome to the Emporium, Celestial Pearl's online storefront! This part of the website will be expanding throughout the next couple years to include home & body products that can be used right away, such as soaps, candles, perfumes, and skincare products. Browse the items on this website OR click on one of our satellite stores to see what's available there:

Celestial Pearl Productions is all about storytelling, and everyone's story begins and ends with themselves. Your story clearly begins with you— your body, your thoughts, your dreams, fears, hopes, beliefs, and feelings. Celestial Pearl wants to be there for you in all the parts of your story, and that means providing a vast variety of products that ultimately work together to nourish & repair one's existence while alive on this planet. From inspiring stories and self-help advice to high-quality apparel and skincare products, Celestial Pearl has something special for everyone to enjoy. ♥

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