Celestial Pearl is now offering the benefit of its collective wisdom to the public in the form of limited consultation services for those seeking advice regarding a specific dilemma, a pressing challenge or answers to unanswered life questions. The Valentine can provide aesthetic, ethical, and spiritual consultations depending upon the nature and scope of the querent's request. The questions and/or the intentions must be clear in order for the solution provided to be clear. Should a request be declined, no payment will be collected and no solutions or advice will be dispersed. Should a request be accepted, the consultation will begin once payment is rendered in full.


AESTHETIC CONSULTATION: If you are faced with some uncertainty regarding matters of beauty, style and taste, I would love to shed some aesthetic light upon your situation. Art direction is what I'm good at!

ETHICAL CONSULTATION: If you are faced with some sort of dilemma or quandary where the question is a matter of right versus wrong, I can help shed some light on the issue from an alternative perspective. As these kinds of problems are delicate, the optimal solution may require an incubation period.

SPIRITUAL CONSULTATION: If you are faced with some sort of spiritual challenge and need a holy spirit’s advice, you’ve come to the right place. My spirits, Lucifer and Jubilee, are dedicated to spreading unconditional love throughout the Universe, & their wisdom is immense. No matter what your spiritual background, you can find answers here.

All consultations, solutions and advice are provided AS IS, no exceptions. Although the initial consultation must be in person, solutions and advice may be dispersed over face-to-face conversations, written correspondence, or Skype. All sessions and sales are scheduled with the Valentine by appointment only. Please Contact Me with more details regarding your query if you wish to schedule a consultation with Celestial Pearl's own Anastasia Valentine.

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