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For every problem, there is a solution. This isn’t just a belief, it is a fact.

Celestial Pearl wants to be a part of the solutions that answer the problematic questions of the world: How do we make sure everyone is properly taken care of? How do we balance ourselves as a society between extremes? What is our purpose in life? What can we do to change things into something better? How can we learn to appreciate what we have now while the solutions are making progress? How can we make peace with one another in this world?

The Celestial Pearl Charity Haus is one of the major reasons I’ve created Celestial Pearl Productions at all. Not only do I want to run a thriving business, I want to run a thriving business with a gigantic heart and arms wide open to those in need of help the most. A business must operate within an environment, and I believe a business with a true heart should always work to better that environment in any way it can. I want to become an entrepreneur who actively strives to generate money as much for others as I do for myself. That is why the idea of the Pearlian Charity Haus exists.

The idea is this: a portion of Celestial Pearl’s profits will go to the Pearlian Charity Haus which will then promptly give the money away directly to any number of various pre-approved destinations. These destinations may be other charities, hospitals, cure research, disaster relief funds, special interests groups favored by Celestial Pearl, medical programs, hunger relief funds, or animal sanctuaries, among other things. When my debts are paid and Celestial Pearl achieves a successful rhythm, I want to *officially* open the Pearlian Charity Haus; until then I will probably just personally make random donations to various charities in the name of Celestial Pearl.

Sincerely, Anastasia Valentine

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This charity house is based on several ideas:

First of all, that this infinite Universe we all live in has enough resources for everyone to thrive. This isn’t a notion based on science or tradition, it is a notion based primarily upon perception and faith in the Universe. Every problem has a corresponding solution, and the solution exists on a different wavelength than the problem. Happiness & joy are harvested from the inside-out of every individual.

Second, there is the notion that since there are enough resources in this world for all to thrive, then sharing resources with others shouldn’t be a problem - but rather a solution. Everyone deserves to thrive, and the resources exist for all to thrive. The human body repairs itself - so does the human society.

Thirdly, CP wants to be a vital part of the solution that touches people’s lives in positive and meaningful ways. Whether through providing resources for physical support such as hunger relief & clean water programs, or mental services such as counseling & consulting, CP Charity Haus wants to help everyone in the global community thrive.

The Charity Haus is a major part of CP’s mission to provide the world with high-quality, lasting experiences of high value & meaning. In working towards one’s own well-being, we can set examples by which others can thrive, too. We can exercise compassion and kindness while we exercise our courage and self-love. This is why the CP Charity Haus exists:

~To help those in need, succeed
~To contribute to global well-being
~To create solutions that work to the world’s problems, preferably before the problems exist!
~To spread happiness and healing around the planet
~To worship Creation Who provides all things
~To appreciate the world we live in & protect the environment
~To create meaningful connections with others
~To cure rather than curse
~To generate well-being for everybody regardless of their past & position
~To create treasure (not just money) using Energy; To channel Energy into the things we want to expand/support
~To ensure a good world for our descendants to live in
~To fill voids where help is needed, in various ways
~To connect families & strengthen the bonds of friendship in our world
~To promote friendship & harmony in our world

This charity house is dependent upon the thriving of Celestial Pearl Productions; it cannot and will not exist without this crucial source of both financial and spiritual income. This charity house is also dependent upon the Celestial Pearl Regent, as they are the one responsible for its success.


updated January 2018