Anastasia Valentine, Pearlian Regent & Executive Producer

Anastasia Valentine biography pic Anastasia Valentine is a multimedia artist living & working in Denver, Colorado. There she cares for two lovely dogs, lives with her best friend, creates fictional worlds with her computers, dreams of world peace in real life, and loves a man dubbed “Q” whom she has known for years. Her pronouns are truly They/Them (plural, not singular, actually) but she happily accepts & utilizes she/her pronouns. She is a supercontinent in an archipelago world, and she thinks writing about herself in the third person feels rather narcissistic.

Let me be clear, *I* think writing about myself in the third person feels rather narcissistic. Yes, it’s me. I’m Anastasia Valentine. I’ve been writing this bio all along. The mask has come off. It’s just me and you now. It has always been just me and you. There never was a third person at all. Now that you know the truth, if you want to know any more about me there is a much more in-depth biography on my blog at You’re welcome.

Click HERE to read the previous (pre-2020) Bio, if you'd like.

updated February 2020

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