Art Commissions

Original works of art are priceless jewels of human culture, always providing us with a special relic that can be treasured for years to come. While nowadays anyone can take a photograph and manipulate it, the fine art of painting remains exceptionally invaluable for evoking the pure essence & personality of the subject embodied symbolically within every layer of color applied to the canvas.

A painting within a place inspires the observer and activates the space around it with its presence, connecting people with themselves, each other, and their environment. Art should speak to you of life… your life. Make your everyday life more meaningful with an original artwork created by the Valentine, designed specially for you or your loved one!

Whether your loved one is a beloved child, parent or furry friend, or anyone to be remembered fondly, show them your appreciation with a one-of-a-kind portrait painting of them! Treasured gifts that last for lifetimes, hand-crafted images of your loved ones are truly a bestowal that keeps you connected to those that matter.

Sometimes the people that matter most are your audience. Captivate their imaginations and expand their minds with beautiful original artwork created by the Valentine!

Portraits, landscapes, fantasy & abstract are all Celestial Pearl aesthetic specialties. Paintings may be created digitally using Photoshop or traditionally using watercolors. Each art commission will include the image on a cd as well as a physical copy of the image, either as a print (digital paintings) or as an original (watercolor paintings). Photos taken by the Valentine to be used as references may be sold separately upon request.

All sessions and sales are scheduled with the Valentine by appointment only. Please Contact Me for details and check back for special offers.

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