About Celestial Pearl Productions

Everyone has a purpose in life. Mine is to hold the guiding light.

My name is Anastasia Valentine, and Celestial Pearl is my magnum opus enterprise - a distillation of all my beliefs & childhood dreams into a positivity-based business that I expect will be my beloved career for the rest of my life. This enterprise operates on both spiritual & secular levels; it is meant to produce experiences to be enjoyed potentially by everyone.

CELESTIAL PEARL PRODUCTIONS is a production company devoted to excellence in the realms of beauty, lifestyle design, personal evolution, creativity, and philosophy of all kinds. My ultimate goal is to offer high-quality content, products and services that help people generate happiness & can exist valuably long after I cease to be alive. I intend to use storytelling, artwork, brains & intuition to accomplish these inner directives of mine.

Some of the things I can currently offer include blogs, videos, podcasts, web shows, paintings, apparel & other merchandise that will establish Celestial Pearl as a strong brand. Right now I can offer my designs through a variety of print-on-demand internet sources that enable me to offer photographic prints, apparel, and home decor items among a myriad of other items of merchandise. Right now I can offer artistic imagery, photojournalism and digital literature.

Celestial Pearl's first brainchild is Project Zeitgeist, a photojournalistic art blog authored & curated by myself.

It is my hope that in the future others will join me in this waltz but for now, it's just me & my best friend Billy Cox. In the future I'd like Celestial Pearl to expand into music, animation, video games, television, cinema, real estate & theme parks. I also wish to open The Celestial Pearl Charity Haus once my debts are paid in full & my business starts to flourish. Whatever I decide to do, whatever I decide to offer, Celestial Pearl is the flag I’ll be flying in its name. It is the house that all my brainchildren will grow up in, and this website is the front door. Feel free to inspect all of the rooms, even the mysterious ones…!!

I am heavily inspired by the cosmos, and I chose "Celestial Pearl" because when once your soul has tasted flight you will always walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always be, according to DaVinci. The shape of the sphere is so prevalent throughout the universe, from bubbles and oranges to planets and the stars that shine like pearls in the sky. This website design was especially influenced by a Hubble telescope image of cosmic pearls encircling an exploding star.

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Three Principles of Celestial Pearl Productions:

I. Freedom
Do as Thou wilt shall be whe whole of the law. You are the way, the truth, and the light.
II. Joy
Heaven is not a place, and it is not a time. Heaven is a state of mind.
III. Amor Fati
We are energy, living forever is our fate. Create or Destroy: Just dare to disturb the Universe!

CELESTIAL PEARL PRODUCTIONS is currently organized into six divisions: The Academy Of Enlightenment, Celestial Pearl Studios, Celestial Pearl KIDS, The Celestial Pearl Emporium, Pearlian Creative Services, and Celestial Pearl Adult Entertainment.

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