About Celestial Pearl Productions

"Everyone has a purpose in life.
Mine is to hold the guiding light."

CELESTIAL PEARL PRODUCTIONS LIMITED is a multimedia production company created by Anastasia Valentine circa 2012. It is based in Denver, Colorado, USA, but has a global target audience. It is meant to create experiences to be enjoyed by everyone. The ultimate dream is to consistently offer high-quality original evergreen content, products and services that help others generate their own happiness for years to come. No matter what the creation is, from eBooks and video clips to t-shirts and fine art prints, Celestial Pearl is eternally devoted to exercising excellence in the extraordinary.

A Message From Anastasia Valentine:

“I am endlessly inspired by the cosmos, and I chose to call my magnum opus enterprise "Celestial Pearl" because, in the words of DaVinci, “when once your soul has tasted flight you will always walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always be”. The shape of the sphere is so prevalent throughout our universe, from bubbles and water droplets, to oranges and dandelion puffballs, to planets and the stars that shine like pearls in the sky. This website design was especially influenced by a Hubble telescope image of cosmic pearls encircling an exploding star. This world needs people who have come alive, and this company exists because it makes me come alive.”

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Three Core Principles of Celestial Pearl:
I. Freedom
You are the way, the truth, and the light. Create or Destroy: just dare to disturb the Universe!

II. Joy
“From Pure Joy springs all creation. By Joy it is sustained, toward Joy it proceeds and to Joy it returns.”- from the Sanskrit

III. Amor Fati
We are energy, living forever is our fate. Live the life you love and love the life you live.

Celestial Pearl Productions Limited is currently organized into six major divisions, each one dedicated to its purpose:
The Academy Of Enlightenment (educational interests),
Celestial Pearl Studios (the main studio where all the magic happens),
Celestial Pearl KIDS (for child/youth-friendly content ONLY),
The Celestial Pearl Emporium (merchandise & licensing sector),
Pearlian Creative Services (freelance work & comissions), and
Celestial Pearl Adult Entertainment (for adult-only content).

updated February 2020

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