Celestial Pearl's Official Policies

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Opacity Policy

CP assumes varying degrees of transparency & opaqueness in its forthcomingness at its own discretion.

Ivory Tower Policy

CP assumes itself to follow only the laws of Nature; CP assumes itself to be above human law, as it is considered transitory in comparison with Universal law. CP's compliance with human law is at its own discretion.

Second Strike Policy

CP does not make a habit of attacking others even if they appear hostile, but it will defend itself. Any retaliation or vengeance on CP's part should be swift, strong, and certain of purpose. CP will retaliate only if attacked - CP should not strike first.

Virtue Agreement Policy

CP promises to help and heal the Earth and all of its inhabitants to the best of its ability. CP promises to minimize its prejudices and appreciate rather than criticize. CP promises to minimize the utilization of deception, cheating, and thievery in its company and its practices.

Fair Game Policy

Established ONLY for those individuals & entities that are proven enemies of CP. Not acceptable for perceived enemies. Those determined to be Fair Game are those who have already harmed CP (usually more than once, and significant damage) and are therefore excommunicated from CP for no less than a decade. Fair Game are targets for Pearlian defense, not Pearlian attacks. Attacking Fair Game targets is handled under the Second Strike Policy as it is a last-resort measure.

Live And Let Live Policy

CP is an anarchistic organization that does its own thing while others do their thing. This is a response to the world's natural diversity, and is embodied more in allowance than mere tolerance.

Foreign Policy

CP strives for harmonious relationships with all it encounters, even in times of disagreement or stress. CP seeks to appreciate diversity while its own identity and perogatives continue to evolve. For relating with other persons, governments, and entities. Goes hand in hand with Live And Let Live & Ivory Tower policies.

updated June 2016

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