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The First Pearlian Creed: 4/20/12,016 HE

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I believe in the Holographic Universe, an expanding fractal of consciousness within which life is the dream of a deity. I believe we are all One.

We believe in One God of Many Forms, the Source of all physical and nonphysical, knower of all to be known, keeper of the visible and invisible.

We believe in the Forces of Nature: gravity, electromagnetism, and both the weak and the strong nuclear forces, as well as all forces yet to be conceived.

We believe in the sanctity of atoms, begotten of the Source before all worlds, being of one substance with Divinity, by whom all things are eternally created and conserved.

We believe that the cosmos, stars, planets, angels and all living things are to be worshipped and glorified as they are, being the various Emanations of Divinity. There is nothing insignificant in our world: all is significant.

We believe in the divine and Holy Spirit, the Source of the Source, who proceeds into this physical dimension via a Stream of Consciousness, manifesting feminine and masculine life simultaneously. Together the Lord and the Lady remain perfectly imperfect, intact, and blissfully incomplete. We are emanations of this Spirit; there are not two of us exactly the same.

We believe in the value of happiness as a pool of well-being replenished continuously within our hearts by our natural connection with the Holy Spirit. As we are within, so we are without.

We believe in a syncretist church, in the relativity of sin and merit, in the diversity of ideas, the power of love, the constancy of change, and in the great elysium of Life Everlasting.

We believe ourselves to be the sovereigns of our own lives, responsible for our every thought, word, and deed, capable of everything and ready for anything. We are the Way, the Truth, and the Light: let us be Who we are meant to be.

Blessed are they who hear these words and listen to their meaning, for them I give my gratitude.

Blessed are they who hear these words and cannot or will not understand their meaning, for them I offer my pity.

Cursed, there are none. So let it be! Amen.

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