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*This Is A Living Document*

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CPP is a production company & lifestyle brand composed essentially of a business, a charity, and a church. The triangular relationship between them is meant to produce treasure of all kinds - prosperity, harmony, and well-being - via the exciting intersection of education & entertainment.

CPP strives to powerfully create wonderful experiences for the enjoyment people from all walks of life and all around the world. Different divisions allow CPP to create high-quality content, products and services for various markets while the sky’s the creative limit. Fine, Applied, & Liberal Arts will all be utilized to create experiences for Pearlian customers.

Freedom, Joy, & Love Of One’s Fate.


Celestial Pearl Productions (abbreviated here as CPP, or CP for Celestial Pearl, or referred to as “Pearlian”) is a unique production company and lifestyle brand based in Colorado, U.S.A. CPP is essentially composed of a triangular relationship between a business, a charity, and a church - the crucial Pearlian elements.

The business handles all production, licensing, intellectual property creation, and income generation. This is the hand that feeds the Celestial Pearl Charity Haus & brings wealth to all those who benefit the business.

The church, or Academy of Enlightenment, is responsible for the production of the Universarium temple and eponymous sacred scripture by the same name; handles intellectual property creation & endowment of the sacred.

The charity house, inspired by the kindness of the church, is fed by the business and handles distribution of gathered funds & resources towards selected good causes.

All three of these essential elements are responsibilities of the Pearlian Regent.

Celestial Pearlian elements triangle

CPP divisions each have a purpose and focus specific to that division, allowing CP to potentially produce practically anything imaginable.

~The CP Charity Haus (the charity house)
~The CP Academy of Enlightenment (the temple/church)
~The CP Studios (the main production studio)
~The CP Emporium (the online storefront)
~CP Creative Services (special offerings to clients)
~CP Adult Entertainment (adults ONLY)
~CP Kids (kids & youth ONLY)


CPP aims to produce and provide high-quality content, services, and products for the enjoyment of everyone. These may be administered digitally or traditionally to customers. These are meant to be things that provide value & last long.

Examples of Pearlian content includes… imagery, blogs, podcasts, videos, tutorials, articles, websites, fairy tales & fables, stories, sagas, while striving for the creation of majority evergreen content.

Examples of Pearlian products includes… apparel (such as t-shirts and pants), various merchandise (such as posters, calendars, puzzles, plushies, stickers, beverage mugs, etc.), home decoration, books, artwork originals, artwork prints, jewelry, sculptures, clipart, fetish video clips, websites, edibles & infusions, housewares & domestic items, all kinds of cards (greeting cards, business cards, postcards, decks of cards…), digital skins & templates, figurines of Pearlian characters, sacred items, & more.

Examples of Pearlian services includes… website design, portrait photography sessions, consulting, commissioned artwork, speaking engagements, custom tattoo design, freelance writing, cam shows.

Examples of things CP would love to offer in the future include video games, feature films, television shows, toys (including dolls and action figures), restaurants, theme parks, hotels, music festivals, & virtual reality simulations.


CPP has a global target audience and strives to create enjoyable content for everyone from all walks of life.

CP Adult Entertainment produces specifically for the 18+ adult market.

CP Kids produces specifically for children & teenagers.

The CP Studios produces a wide range of family content & also avant-garde content.

The CP Academy of Enlightenment produces content for the entire human race - anyone who will listen & appreciate its message.

CPP aims to strike a thoughtful balance between extremes such as conservative/liberal & religious/secular. CPP is aimed towards the intelligent, the open-minded, those who love art, those who need healing, those who love life, whoever will listen, etc. As a lifestyle brand, CP’s nice market should be people of all ages, races, & walks of life with a certain peculiar personality and idiosyncratic behaviors. CPP’s unique point of view of the world can connect many dots!


Promotion via social media, online advertisements, literature advertisements (such as newspapers & magazines), radio commercials, tv commercials, word-of-mouth, guerilla marketing, outdoor advertising, visual campaigns, etc.

Print-on-demand places (such as Zazzle & RedBubble) can print items & send them directly to the customer once they purchase it. Customers can also purchase items from the CP website directly. This requires an inventory, which will be costly as CP is devoted to excellence. There are also the following ideas:

~Giving away free samples with the website on them, promotional giveaways
~Selling my goods & designs in other people’s stores & established outlets
~Obtain booths at flea markets, festivals & conventions
~Open a Colorado-centered giftshop storefront compounded with studio space (prior to building the Universarium Temple)
~Use of logos and mascots, trademarks
~Character, action & emotion-based marketing - think positivity!
~Sell directly to customers at events from the back of a van
~Drop-shipping and blind shipping to customer


The CP Regent is the first of the Thirteen Pearls, the core team of CPP whose irreducible minimum requirement is friendship. CPP is a spiritually anarchistic organization that cooperates minimally yet harmoniously with other governmental systems & may engage in certain forms of civil disobedience. CPP strives to abide by all laws and regulations so long as they benefit CPP and those within CPP’s responsibility, including the CP Charity Haus and the environment. Due to the naturally sensitive and anarchistic nature of CPP, its legal structure should minimize the amount of legally culpable people within the company. The CP Regent is the main person to be held legally culpable for the company's policies, and so CPP is currently a sole proprietorship. In the future it may become an LLC or a corporation.

There are several positions of honor that may or may not also be members of the Thirteen Pearls team. Many of these are Regent-selected, but others may not require appointment by the Regent:

The Financier is a very important position in CPP. They hold some degree of creative control and is selected by the CP Regent based upon their compatibility & available resources.

The Regent’s assistant is their Right-Hand and their ambassador; their hand is the Regent’s hand.

The Chief of Security handles all security and safety concerns.

The CP Lawyer on retainer is very important, as they are responsible for the company's legal awareness.

The Head of Marketing handles marketing & promotion.

The Head of Sales handles distribution, sales & inventory.

The Head of Housekeeping handles all janitorial duties, ensuring a clean and cozy environment.

The Treasurer handles finances, payroll and wealth management.

A doctor/psychologist/medic should be on the team, as well as a programmer, an art director, a real estate broker, an agent, a human resources person, etc.

updated June 2016

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